Thermal throttling is a major cause of poor FPS even when you have powerful hardware. To verify if your CPU and GPU temperatures are normal, use an app like Hardware Monitor (HWMonitor). Another cause of bad performance could be background apps consuming needless resources. For example, AMD’s Instant Replay feature is renowned for creating FPS dips in Valorant, and using alternative software such as Xbox Game Bar can help. We have mentioned ways below to Fix FPS Drops in Valorant

Ways to Fix FPS Drops in Valorant

Update Windows

Microsoft regularly releases updates to fix bugs and improve PC performance. Make sure you have installed all pending Windows updates to fix the FPS drop in Valorant. To update Windows 11, press Windows + I to open Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updates. Install all available updates and see if this fixes the FPS dips issue.

Reinstall Valorant

Valorous low FPS on high-end PCs can be caused by minor faults during game installation. In this instance, the frame continues to drop or skip, and there isn’t much you can do. Unless you totally uninstall the game from your PC and reinstall it. Before closing the game installation wizard, ensure that the procedure is complete and that your PC has been restarted.

Enable VPN

Those who experience high ping in valorant mat also experience low FPS. They can employ VPN services to boost framerate. There are various VPNs that may be used to reroute your internet to a location near the server you’re playing on. If you are already using a VPN connection and your Valorant FPS is still 0. It might be preferable to turn it off. The VPN may have diverted your internet traffic through a more traffic-heavy IP address.

Play Valorant In Clean Boot State

Final Words

We hope like our article on How to Fix FPS Drops in Valorant. Valorant has only been out for a year and a half, yet it is already one of the most popular first-person shooter games. Riot, on the other hand, is continuously delivering fresh valorant updates. While old issues are being resolved and new ones emerge, players in Valorant continue to experience low FPS and FPS drops.

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