When this happens on your Android smartphone it is referred to as a ghost ringing issue. Occurs when your phone randomly taps and contacts objects you are not touching, opens your screen on its own, is not in the immediate vicinity, is not being touched, or is in your pocket. As there can be a variety of causes for ghost ringing problem on your Android. You are mistaken if you believe this is a software issue. The problem can arise if you use dirty hands to touch your phone’s or even if the screen itself gets dirty. Using a faulty charger while charging your cell phone can result in ghost ringing issues.

5 Ways to Fix Ghost Ringing Problems with Android

Restart your Android Phone

Sometimes a small glitch in the touchscreen sensor on an Android phone causes ghost touch difficulties, which are promptly resolved by restarting the device. So restart your phone to repair the touchscreen sensor on an Android device. Check if the issue is resolved after restarting the phone. If not, go to the next option.

clear screen from Phone to fix Ghost Touch issue on Android

When dust gets lodged in your Android’s screensaver phone, you may have a ghost ringing problem. It is a typical problem, and the direct fix in this case is to remove the protector, do a thorough cleaning and replace it. But in this case, you should be careful to avoid damaging the phone’s interior because it’s really sensible. You need to be patient in this scenario to get everything right.

Check your charger

It is possible that your charger phone has a problem and cannot offer enough juice. You need to get a new charger for your phone in this case. The gadget itself or the screen may be damaged if you keep using it. As a result, you need to buy a new charger or charging cable. Also check the USB port between the two devices as if the charger is not the issue then the USB port could be.

To replace Phone Screen

As we have already noted, a screen issue on an Android phone can cause ghost rings. A weak phone screen or water inside the screen can occasionally result in ghost touch issues. It may be time to replace the screen if there is a problem with yours. phone’s of this nature and fails to solve the ghost touch problem. Just bring your phone to a qualified specialist and have the screen replaced.

factory reset

Even several individuals have claimed that performing a factory reset can help solve the ghost ringing issue on Android phones. You should try resetting your device if you are having this issue. You might find it useful, but before you reset, make sure you create a backup of everything.

Final Words

We hope you like our article about how to Fix ghost ringing issues with Android. Some of the most frustrating ringtone bugs on Android are ghost ringtones. In essence, the screen reacts to touches that aren’t being made. It responds to input that is not real. The same phrase can also be used to describe touch-insensitive parts of a screen. Software and hardware issues have the potential to cause ghost rings. Let’s see what you can do to fix this problem.

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