How to Fix ‘God of War Not Launching’ Issue on Windows PC – Guide

God of War arrived on PC with more action and ended the wait for players. In addition, PC gamers can play the game with special visual effects including 4K and graphical optimization. Unfortunately, when trying to use all these features, many players were experiencing crashing and freezing issues in God of War just like PS4 users for years. There can be several reasons for the same issues, for example, B. low system configuration, corrupted files, missing updates and more. According to some players, God of War will not launch on their PC, which is testing their patience. If you are the only one who suffers from crashing, freezing or not booting God of War on PC, this article is for you. Check out all the solutions given below to fix the same issues quickly. Antivirus programs run continuously as they need to look for malware or virus intrusions on your PC. While this can help improve the security of our PC, it also slows it down because there is a process running all the time. So you can solve it by simply disabling your antivirus while playing the game. When your game session ends, you can reactivate it.

Run the game as administrator:

If God of War crashes and freezes on the startup screen, you need to run the game with administrator privileges. This time the game will use all privileges to run smoothly. To do this,

Update driver:

Sometimes outdated graphics driver can be the main cause of God of War Crashing or not starting problem. The best effective solution for the same reason is to update the driver to the latest version. To do this,

You need to verify the integrity of the game files:

If any game file is corrupted, God of War also crashes or is slow on the startup screen. To avoid this situation, you need to verify the integrity of the game files. To do this,

Create game save folder:

According to some suffered users, creating the game save folder on their system helped them to solve the God of War crashing and closing issue; you can try the same trick in your case too. To do this,

Disable Overlays:

Another solution to solve the God of War crashing or not starting issue is to disable overlays. This feature it can help improve game performance, but sometimes it negatively affects the game. In this scenario, you need to disable all overlays. To do this,

In the GeForce experience,

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Install the Visual C++ files:

Sometimes, simply installing the Visual C++ files can help you to solve the God of War lagging or closing issue. To do this,

Update Windows:

If your Windows is not up so far, this can negatively affect game performance. The best effective solution here is to update your Windows as soon as possible. to do it,

Final note

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