How to Fix HP Printer Error 49.4c02 on Windows – Guide

Error 49.4C02 on HP printers is a known error that stops all operations on the printer and prompts you to restart. When the error occurs, it is displayed on the printer screen. For some lucky users this was just a one-time thing but for some it became a permanent headache rendering the printer unusable as every time you turned on the printer the error reappeared within seconds. Error 49.4C02 and other similar errors are largely attributed to a lack of communication between the target printer and the system sending the print. This can easily be caused by specific PDF files you are trying to print or an outdated version of the printer’s firmware. In the case of a PDF print job, the printer will display this message each time it is restarted unless the print job is canceled by the computer it was sent from. In the case of a network printer, locating the system that sent the print job can be problematic. Before proceeding with the more complicated steps below, try turning off the printer and unplugging the power cord and network cable (if connected).

How to resolve HP printer error 49.4c02

Remove the print queue

Printing a PDF as an Image

Disabling advanced printing functions

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