However, some circumstances can also result in sporadic failures that prevent iMessage services from functioning on your smartphone. As a result, many owners of Apple iPhone 14 pro have experienced different kinds of iMessage issues. A tiny red exclamation point appears next to messages that are unsuccessful in getting through. You should first determine whether iMessage servers are down. A quick Google search will reveal this. We mentioned below are the ways to Fix iMessage Not Delivered on iPhone.

Ways to Fix iMessage Not Delivered on iPhone

Connect to the Internet

When sending any multimedia (texts, music, video, etc.) to other users, you must ensure that you are connected to the internet. Because iMessage can only be used online. Make sure your data plan is still active if you use cellular data for iMessage.

Enable iMessage

Verify that iMessage is not disabled. You won’t be able to send messages if you haven’t enabled this function yet. It will instead send as an SMS, which may incur a price. However, if the iMessage feature is activated but not working, simply turning it off and back on again may help.

Re Login With Your Apple Id

This is another quick remedy you can attempt if your iMessages aren’t getting delivered. Your Apple ID may occasionally have a bug that causes issues like these. You might also try logging out and back in during this time.

Send SMS Instead of iMessage

You must utilize SMS if you wish to send a message to someone who doesn’t own an Apple device. Furthermore, even if you are not online, you can still send an SMS to an iPhone 14 user. But make sure your device has enough balance.

Final Words

When sending iMessages through the Messages app, you may discover that one or more iMessages are not delivered. If you’ve owned an iPhone for any amount of time, you are undoubtedly acquainted with this widespread bug. The failure to receive the reassuring “Delivered” mark on a message is one of the most aggravating things that can happen. We hope our article on “How to Fix iMessage Not Delivered on iPhone” will surely help you to do so.

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