If you’re anything like me, you probably trust your iPhone a lot more than you care to admit. Who could blame us, though? iPhones go far beyond the simple mobile phones. They serve as our calendars, cameras, and general means of connecting to the outside world. So what happens when they stop working? This post is meant to help if all you can think of is like yours. heart is running and how high your anxiety is. Your iPhone won’t turn on or charge, and you’re about to find out why. What to do if your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo is also covered.

3 Ways to Fix iPhone Won’t Turn On

charge your battery

Fully discharged batteries are the main reason iPhones won’t turn on. Wait 30-60 minutes before plugging in your charger (make sure the plug is plugged in!) so your gadget can get enough power to restart. Try turning it on after waiting that amount of time. If you want your battery to last longer, check out our battery life advice. It is advisable to test two separate chargers to rule out cable problems as well. We can replace the battery if you find this to be the problem.

Soft Reboot / Forced Reboot

After charging, if your iPhone still won’t turn on, try the tried and true “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” step. Holding the on/off button button for a few seconds will restart your iPhone. If you have an iPhone 4/5 or SE, the power button button is located on the top edge. You must press the side button and the volume-up button if you have an iPhone X. Maybe you could try to force an iPhone to restart too? See our instructions for resetting an iPhone.

Contact Apple Support

Make sure your iPhone is still covered by Apple’s warranty even if you haven’t tried the above procedures. Visit Apple’s support site if this is the case and your problem is not a result of hardware failure or water damage; they may be able to resolve it free of charge.

Final Words

We hope you like our article about how to fix iPhone won’t turn on. It’s so annoying when your iPhone suddenly gets stuck on the Apple logo and refuses to open the Home Screen. The good news is that it is unlikely that your phone is broken. When the Apple logo on your iPhone gets stuck, there are several fixes you can try.

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