If you keep pressing keys on your keyboard and nothing appears on your screen, you’ve come to the right place. because in this guide, I will show you 3 ways to fix the problem. If you have problems with the external or built-in keyboard, you will need to enable the on-screen keyboard to fix the problem with the solutions provided.

ways to fix Laptop keyboard doesn’t work

restart the computer

Trying a system reset is the most frequent advice you’ll hear when your computer has a problem. No surprises here because a reboot puts your machine in a brand new, problem-free condition. Restarting the computer will therefore likely restore everything to normal operation.

Update or uninstall the Laptop keyboard driver

replace a defect Laptop Keyboard

You will need to take some time to remove the component from your laptop and reset the connection or replace the keyboard entirely if the keyboard is physically broken or detaches from the motherboard—possibly as a result of a shock. It is difficult to identify a single cure because different manufacturers design their computers in different ways. Opening multiple computers made by the same manufacturer, however, is often the same. This greatly simplifies replacing the keyboard (or just reinstalling the cable connector). Notice that laptop keyboards are normally sealed items, you will not be able to readily inspect the inner workings, even though you can better clean the keyboard when it is removed from the laptop.

Check keyboard settings

Run an SFC scan

Final Words

We hope you like our article about how to Fix Laptop Keyboard doesn’t work. Since there are so many possible reasons, it can be difficult to pinpoint many computer problems. In reality, it is sometimes difficult to tell whether a problem is caused by software or hardware. Likewise, a malfunction laptop Keyboard may malfunction or not work at all due to a variety of hardware and software difficulties.

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