Other causes might include a bad battery, a power supply issue, RAM and ROM difficulties, a laptop virus, outdated drivers, hardware issues, or improper power plan settings. Please keep an eye on the hardware in your laptop and get it serviced sometimes. Let’s now look at a solution to this problem and stop the Asus laptop from going into hibernation while you are playing games. First and foremost, try to use your laptop in a cooler atmosphere whenever you can when playing games or performing any demanding tasks because doing so might cause your laptop to get overheated and enter into hibernation.

Ways to Fix Laptop hibernates while playing games

Update drivers regularly

When your laptop hibernates in the middle of a game, it might be one of the most aggravating things that can happen to a PC gamer. In addition to losing your progress, having to restart the game and try to continue where you left off is annoying. You might need to upgrade the graphics card driver to fix the issue. Keep a watch out for updated drivers on Windows Update or the website of the company that made your computer, and install them as soon as they are.

CPU may be too hot

You may have observed that after using your laptop for a long, it starts to feel a bit sluggish. All of the junk that comes pre-installed on new computers is to blame for this. Unnecessary programmes known as “bloatware” eat up space on your hard disc and can make your computer run more slowly. Bloatware may be removed by removing apps you do not need. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features to accomplish this. Select the software you wish to remove and click Uninstall/Change from there. Check which apps are utilizing the most space on your hard drive with Disk Cleanup if you are unsure of which software is the culprit.

Playing a Glitched game

If your PC only goes into sleep while you are playing a certain game, that game is to blame. If you installed a mod game that is incompatible with your machine, this is probably what happened. To stop the game from hibernating, you may either alter the settings or delete it completely.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Fix Laptop hibernates while playing games. Your laptop often enters “hibernation” mode when you close the lid or leave it alone for a sufficient amount of time. Although you cannot use the computer when it is in hibernation, it still saves power. In general, there are a few potential explanations for your laptop to sleep while you’re using it, though not all of them are simple to remedy. This is especially true while you’re playing a game.

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