However, if your touchpad breaks down while you’re in motion or in another circumstance and you don’t have a backup mouse on hand, you risk being stuck. Start working on using Windows only with a keyboard later rather than sooner. Here is our list of suggestions for repairing a broken touchpad (starting with the simplest).

3 Ways to Fix laptop touchpad is not working

Check Your Keyboard’s Touchpad Key

You mistakenly turning off your laptop’s touchpad with a key combination is one of the most frequent reasons why it won’t operate. The F key on the majority of laptops works in conjunction with the F1, F2, and other function keys to carry out unique actions. The majority of things, like adjusting the brightness or turning off WIFI connectivity, are helpful. On many computers, though, pressing one of these key combinations may deactivate the touchpad. If you accidentally toggle this, you might assume your touchpad is damaged because it is so simple to do so.

Remove Any External Mice to Activate the Touchpad

Now let’s move on to another easy but crucial troubleshooting step for a laptop touchpad that isn’t working: try disconnecting any USB mice your laptop is attached to. Additionally, unplug any Bluetooth mice that are currently in use. This is because certain laptops, as well as Windows and macOS, have a function that turns off the touchpad when an external mouse is connected. Your touchpad may have ceased functioning as a result of this. When trying this, turn off your computer, disconnect any plugged-in peripherals and non-essential devices for optimal results, then restart.

Touchpad Settings in Windows

The mouse settings in Windows should then be reviewed in case something went wrong there. Go to Settings > Devices > Touchpad on Windows 10. On Windows 11, you may find this under Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Touchpad. Make sure the Touchpad slider is turned on here. Below this, there is a box with the title When a mouse is attached, keep the touchpad turned on. If you want your touchpad to be active always, turn this on.

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to Fix laptop touchpad is not working. You could be one of those people who always reaches for the mouse instead of using the touchpad on their laptop. However, if you primarily use your touchpad and find that it’s broken, that’s terrible news since you may find yourself completely unable to handle your Mac or Windows computer.

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