A PC laptop can experience multiple “simply won’t start” phases. A laptop has two power sources, which makes the issue worse: Electricity is extracted from the laptop’s battery in the absence of AC. So, when the laptop doesn’t switch on right away, you can tell right away that there is a power supply problem. You have a power supply issue if the laptop looks to be dead. We have mentioned steps below to Fix Laptop Won’t Turn On Issue

Ways to Fix Laptop Won’t Turn On Issue

Diagnose screen issues

Remove all devices from your laptop

Boot in safe mode

You could still be able to get your HP laptop to work in safe mode. if it won’t turn on. You can remove any new software or drivers that might be impacting your laptop while in safe mode. If your primary user account has been compromised, you can also establish a new one.

Check the power supply

Numerous things could go wrong in this situation. It’s possible that you connected a power supply from another laptop. Not every connector that fits is necessarily the proper one. There is a required voltage for laptops, yet not all laptops use the same voltage. Additionally, even if the power supply’s voltage is accurate, it might not deliver enough amps to run your laptop and recharge its battery.

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to Fix Laptop Won’t Turn On Issue. There are solutions you can attempt if your laptop won’t turn on, gets stuck, or won’t boot after being powered on. The troubleshooting procedures listed below can help you figure out what might be preventing your laptop from turning on.

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