How to Fix LCD Backlight Bleeding on PC monitor – Guide

The nature of display technology is such that the use of LEDs (light emitting diodes) will result in the backlight bleed phenomenon sooner or later. It can range from minimal to extreme levels and you cannot completely reverse the change once the phenomenon starts. However, you can minimize its impact. Find how to fix LCD backlight bleed on PC monitors. If your PC monitor is under warranty period, do not try to repair it yourself. This will void the warranty immediately. Get expert help. However, if the warranty period has expired and you have not extended it further, you can try to repair it yourself. See how!

What is backlight bleed?

It’s a visual problem limited to LCDs. Nowadays, most modern monitors come equipped with LEDs on the back. They use it as a light source. So when the panel is connected to a power source and it is lit up the image is displayed on the screen. However, when the light that should shine through the black screen escapes along its edges and the LCD and sensor mount on the back cannot completely block the light, this results in an irregular illumination pattern on the screen commonly referred to as light. bleeding background.

Fix LCD backlight bleed on PC monitor

In most cases, backlight bleed on PC monitors is negligible and unnoticeable. You should only intervene when the problem becomes difficult to bear.

1]Disconnect the PC monitor from the power supply

It is not advisable to proceed with a fixation method without turning off the monitor screen or disconnecting it from the power source first. Therefore, if your PC monitor is plugged into an electrical outlet, unplug it.

2]Loosen the frame bolts

One of the best known reasons for backlight bleed is a panel that is secured with screws that are too tight. This can cause the screen to be distorted. To loosen it a little, take a screwdriver and loosen the screws carefully. Too much force can break the screen.

3]Bend the screen frame slightly

If you notice a considerable amount of light leaking from the edges of the PC monitor, try bending the frame after loosening the screws. This will fix the frame properly over the monitor screen and prevent any light leakage from the edges.

4]Clean the surface of the bleeding problem area

Take the microfiber cloth and gently rub the areas where bleeding appears in a circular pattern. Be careful not to damage the screen by applying excessive force.

5]Change the angle and distance you are viewing on the monitor.

Sometimes the problem only persists at certain angles and directions. So if the problem isn’t that severe, you can try to fix it simply by changing the angle and distance of your vision. Also, you can try adjusting the monitor height and reducing brightness levels.

What Causes LCD Backlight Bleeding?

Incompletely blocking the light or the screen not being completely flat results in backlight bleed. As mentioned earlier, the light that was supposed to shine through the screen now comes out around the edges, resulting in uneven lighting on the screen and spoiling the image.

Is the LCD backlight bleed normal?

If you have set the screen brightness to 100%, it is normal to feel a little backlight. True 0 or NIL backlighting is hard to come by, but a handful of expensive LCD brands claim to offer this unrealistic value. You can switch to an OLED.

Can Backlight Bleed disappear?

Some types of backlight bleed go away by themselves. These are mainly pressure-related backlight bleeds. Also, there are ways to minimize it if it gets worse over time. This will make it a little less noticeable.

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