How to Fix ‘Location Not Available on iPhone’ Issue – Guide

In iMessage, you can share your current or real-time location. While sharing your current position is easy, many people find it difficult to share their current location but fail to do so when it comes to their real-time location. If someone else sends you their location via iMessage, the map in Messages will show “Location not available” instead of your current location. Location services on all iOS devices are helpful to get correct details with these apps. Like maps, weather, nearby shops and services, social app (Facebook, nearby Instagram followers and friends, stories). App Service Finder – Yelp, Calendar, Travel Times, App Store for the relevant app, Camera – Photo, video will be tagged on the spot, Share Location with friends and family, find lost device, Siri and location. AT&T, T-MobileSprint, Verizon Carrier Service, System Services and more always rely on location services on iPhone, iPad.

Why is my iPhone location not available?

First, let’s take a look at the cause of this problem, so we know how to solve it. Below are some possible reasons that will make the iPhone location issue not available. Disabling and re-enabling Location Sharing in Find My settings can help an iPhone broadcast its location again. To do this, go to Settings > Apple ID > Find and toggle the switch next to Share My Location turns off and then on.

Final note

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