How to Fix ‘Malfunctioning Windows Taskbar’ Issue – Guide

The Windows 10 taskbar, which was initially just one of the smallest features of the Windows operating system, acquired new utility with Windows 10. The new parts turned it into a feature Rich app that is satisfying with style and useful. In any case, with the additional feature, users made them vex mistakes that guide is designed to fix.

Restart Windows Explorer to fix Windows 10 taskbar problem

Windows Explorer is one of the main utilities in which many small items reside. In fact, your taskbar is part of Explorer and you can restart it, which in turn will restart your taskbar. This will likely solve the problem for you. Here are two methods for doing this. You can use any of them to accomplish the task.

Use Task Manager to restart Windows Explorer

Task Manager helps to kill unresponsive programs on your computer and you can also use it to quit and restart Windows Explorer.

Restart Windows Explorer using the command prompt

Another way to restart Windows Explorer is to use the Command Prompt utility on the PC.

Fix Windows 10 taskbar issues by re-registering the taskbar

Your taskbar may have been canceled on your system and that’s why it’s acting the way it is. If that is the case, you can re-register the utility using PowerShell and this will restore functionality when the Windows 10 taskbar is not working. All you basically need to do is run a command in PowerShell and you’re done.

Prevent certain applications from starting at startup

One possible reason why the Windows 10 taskbar is not working is because there are certain applications that start at your computer’s startup and interfere with the taskbar’s functioning. If you think this might be a possible reason for the problem, you can go ahead and disable these applications from starting at your computer’s startup.

Roll back a recent Windows update to fix taskbar issues

The main purpose of a Windows update is to fix existing bugs and provide you with new ones. features. However, certain updates can break the existing features including your computer’s taskbar. In this situation, rolling back the update is a good way to fix the problem.

Use another user account on the computer

Sometimes, some unintended tasks can end up causing damage to the core. features of the system. The Windows 10 taskbar is not working could be the result of such an action. In these cases, it’s worth checking if the taskbar works under another user account on your computer. That way you will have an idea of ​​what caused the problem and you can undo the action to fix it.

Revert to a system restore point

Restoring a system restore point helps undo any significant changes you may have recently made to your computer. This should bring your machine back to the way it was before you made any changes to it. The taskbar is one of the most important elements of a Windows computer, and the fact that it doesn’t work is a big hassle for users. We hope that the guide helped you fix it on your computer, and if so, let us know which method worked for you.

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