How To Fix Move To iOS App Not Working – Guide

Moving to iOS doesn’t work: You got a new iPhone and you want to transfer your data from Android to iOS smoothly. Move To iOS is an app that lets you move your data from Android to iOS. So far this app has been very reliable but there are always issues like Move To iOS Not Working and more. Move to iOS can transfer calendar, photos, messages, videos, contacts and so on in few simple steps. But if you’re here reading this article, you’re probably having issues with the app, either Move to iOS won’t connect or Move to iOS can’t communicate with the device. For example, you find that Move to ios does not work with Oneplus 6. It is important that your iPhone is not yet configured up. if you already defined up your iPhone, you need to manually transfer all data files from Android to iPhone. Perform a factory data reset on iPhone to get the ability to transfer data from Android.

How to Fix Move to iOS Not Working

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