Inspect your charging cord thoroughly and look for any obvious signs of damage. Any rips, bends, cuts, or general damage will be a reason for the wires not working properly. Also, test if you can charge another gadget with it. If it does, the problem could be with the device. You can also try a different cable to check if it charges your smartphone battery. We have mentioned ways below to Fix My Phone Is Not Charging Problem

Ways To Fix My Phone Is Not Charging Problem

Make Sure It’s Not a Software Bug

If your phone is not charging even if it claims it is, or if it is charging but no charging icon is displayed, this could be due to a software fault. Installing the Ampere app will tell you once and for all if any power is getting to your phone. Ampere is a simple software that displays the amount of current your phone is discharging or charging at any one time. Ampere also has a few extra features that you might find useful. It indicates whether the battery in your phone is in excellent condition, the available voltage, and the current temperature.

Clean the Charging Port

If the Ampere app indicates that no charge is being delivered to your phone, the culprit could be debris in your charging port. Dust particles can quickly accumulate in the charging port, interfering with your phone’s ability to connect to a power source. Inspect your phone’s charging port and clean it if there is a buildup of dirt or other gunk. You can simply accomplish this by gently cleaning the region with a dry cotton swab. Maintain a delicate touch and avoid pushing anything too far into your charging plug.

Visit a Service Center

If everything else fails and you still can’t figure out why your Android or Samsung phone isn’t charging, you can always take it to a service center and consult a specialist. They may be able to detect a flaw that you have overlooked or diagnose a hardware malfunction. Hopefully, your phone is still covered under warranty, so you won’t have to pay for the repair. Otherwise, you may have to pay to replace the broken component.

Final Words

We hope like our article on How To Fix My Phone Is Not Charging Problem. It is possible that your phone will not charge properly, i.e., it will not charge rapidly or at all. It’s aggravating trying to figure out what’s wrong, and it takes time to figure out what’s wrong with your phone. When applying pressure to the dock during charging, one of the weakest pieces is the charging port on a smartphone. Again, with USB Type-C came high-quality charging ports that are durable and won’t break easily.

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