How to Fix ‘Netflix Not Working’ Issue on PC/Mobile/TV – Guide

Among all the video streaming apps, Netflix is ​​one of the most famous in the world. However, that doesn’t mean it’s always a pleasure to use it. Dependence on apps, internet networks, and other devices can sometimes cause Netflix to not respond properly: the apps responsible crash, don’t open as expected, and can’t play movies and TV shows, or even shut down. up with a blank screen on your TV or tablet. If the Netflix app doesn’t start when loading a movie or TV show, it could be because the Netflix server itself is down or disconnected. Use the troubleshooting link provided by the website or app to check for any issues with the Netflix service. In that case, there is no other option for you but to wait for them to resolve the issue. Netflix may be one of the most popular video streaming services in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s always a joy to use. Dependence on third-party apps, internet connections, and hardware can occasionally prevent Netflix from working: official apps crash, don’t open properly, can’t play movies and TV shows, or just load a black screen on your TV set or tablet .

Check if Netflix is ​​down

If the Netflix app won’t load a movie or TV show isn’t starting, it could just be because the Netflix server itself is down or disconnected. Use the link provided by the troubleshooting website or app to check for a problem with the Netflix service. In that case, there is no other option for you except to stand your ground and let them fix it.

Try restarting your device

It could be a matter of time. But restarting your gadget will fix a faulty application or framework issue.

Check your WiFi connection or mobile signal

If your network is really bad, Netflix won’t work. Secure your Wi-Fi or mobile network is turned on and that your gadget was not put into Airplane mode by coincidence.

Restart your WiFi

If your internet connection is down or you appear to be connected to the network but apps are not working as expected, the problem could be with your router. If there is any problem with WiFi, check how to fix WiFi connected but no internet access.

Try updating your Netflix app

Likewise, as with a system update, it is vital to keep up with the latest version to stream on your device or stay connected to Netflix servers for streaming media. An app update can also fix any Netflix error codes, for example the UI-800-3 error code you might be getting.

log in once more

In some cases, Netflix will be picky and won’t let you log in. If this happens, simply enter your login details on the Netflix website to ensure that everything is ready to go in the correct order. From there, re-enable the information on your gadget and sign in again.

Check Netflix Cookies

The more you use Netflix, the more cookies the site sets. You can go to your program settings and try to clear cookies if you are experiencing some problems. Clearing cookies will give Netflix a fresh start on your device. If you have a Netflix Premium account, chances are good that the error occurs because multiple users are using Netflix at the same time.

Log out of Netflix on all gadgets

Rarely, using Netflix on multiple gadgets, regardless of whether your subscription allows it, can cause conflicts within Netflix’s servers. This can be fixed by exiting Netflix on each gadget at the same time. You can do this on the Netflix website in the account settings which are accessed using the top right icon immediately to log in. Try tapping Sign out of all devices, wait a few seconds, and then try logging in to your gadget again.

Keep your operating system up to date

Regardless of whether you are operating a smart TV, game console, cell phone, or tablet, you should always make sure to stay up with the latest version as some apps will not work if they feel the system update is accessible. A system update can also fix bugs that could prevent the Netflix app from working properly.

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