How to Fix ‘Ping in PUBG Mobile’ Issue – Guide

It is most loved for its amazing game interface and user experience. While many gamers feared that online multiplayer would be banned, the game changed its privacy policy in India to avoid disruption of the game in its community in the country due to its national origins. Also, the only thing that can affect the gaming experience is playing with high ping. Because of this, many players are trying to find out how to reduce ping in PUBG Mobile. Sometimes when you play a game in the survival game you find that it lags behind for no reason. This is because you are playing in a high ping situation. To reduce the delay, you need to know how to check ping in PUBG Mobile application. You can do this on any smartphone device by opening “Settings” and going to “Applications”. Then select the suspicious app and tap on “Limit data usage”. Now disable the two options “WLANWiFi” and “Mobile data”. Likewise, you can configure the “Battery Saver” settings to limit background activity on your phone. Before launching PUBG Mobile game, make sure to close all other applications to reduce ping in game. Applications running in the background tend to increase data usage on your network. Consider removing all current apps or ensuring that only essential apps are kept. Most of the time, this technique will help you to reduce ping in the game.

How to fix pubg Mobile high ping

Many tricks are available on the internet but most are outdated and no longer work after the new PUBG Mobile to update. So, below, I have shared the 8 best methods you can use to improve your PUBG ping. This method works on any Android device, which means you can implement these tricks on any Android device.

Experience a different Internet

Slow internet speed is the main reason for low ping. If you use a different network connection, be aware that each network operator has different internet speeds. Also, your internet speed may vary from region to region. That means you need to find the carrier whose internet speed is high in that particular area.

Change your location

I’m not telling you to change your home location, just change where you play the game. As I said before, internet speed is different in different areas as well as indoors. You can try different places where you can play PUBG Mobile like a terrace, the main hall, or anywhere you can get a better ping. Test your internet speed with different speed test apps and find the golden spot where you get a constant ping. Try to get the ping as low as possible without fluctuations.

Disable automatic sync

Many people have ignored this most common setting. Some apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Whatsapp and many others use background sync to get the latest updates which indirectly slow down the overall internet performance. Also, enabling the auto sync option consumes a lot of battery and bandwidth. You can stop syncing these apps in the background to improve your PUBG Mobile game. How to turn off auto sync:

Clear all recent apps

If you are one of them who likes to multitask then this method is for you. As we know, various social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram consume data even if we minimize it. That is, if you play PUBG Mobile while Whatsapp is running in the background, your internet speed will be split between these two apps. Deleting all recently used apps will help you to focus most of your bandwidth on PUBG Mobile.

Use WiFi instead of Mobile Data

Most players play PUBG on their device mobile data, which fluctuates wildly. As we know, every time we receive a text message on a mobile device, our internet is cut off for a few seconds which drastically increases PUBG ping and makes our game unstable. Smartphones run on the 2.4GHz network bandwidth. If you have three or more smartphones in your house, the 2.4GHz frequency band will be overloaded before it reaches your device. So if you want to become a professional PUBG Mobile player, you need to change mobile data to a 5 GHz WiFi router.

Final note

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