How to Fix ‘Pink iPhone 13 screen bug’ Isssue – Guide

the Apple Community Forum forum, where user DPigar wrote that his iPhone 13 Pro’s screen “turns pink for a few seconds and then recharges”. The issue was resolved with a replacement device, but multiple responses to your initial post, as well as other reports on Reddit and Weibo, indicate that the issue is not device-specific. To get into some details, the pink screen issue on iPhone 13 models causes the devices to suddenly stop working and get stuck on a pink/purple screen. The pink overlay covers the entire screen and only the icons in the status bar remain visible during this time. As per reports, this happens randomly when using an iPhone 13 and there is no indication what is causing it. The issue was originally discovered when an iPhone 13 user from Russia shared his experience and some photos of the pink/purple screen on Apple’s official discussion forum. The post has received 538 “I have this question too” responses since it was shared, suggesting that several other iPhone 13 users were experiencing the issue. The issue has been reported multiple times on an Apple discussion board, some Reddit forums, and on Weibo since the latest iPhone became available in September. For now, it appears to be limited to the iPhone 13 series, with complaints from iPhone 13 users stretching all the way to the iPhone 13 Pro and even the iPhone 13 Pro Max in some cases.

iPhone 13 pink screen issue causes the Phone Freeze

In early October, a user raised a similar issue on Apple’s official support community forums. The complaint was about the iPhone 13 Pro screen turning pink for a few seconds. Users say that the solution to bring the device back to normal is to restart the system. Users are facing the issue at random point for some it occurred when browsing photos and for others when using GPS. As per My Drivers reports, Apple has given an official statement regarding the pink screen issue in China. As most of the complaints originated from China, Apple took to the Chinese social network Weibo to report that the problem is not hardware related. The problem could be a software bug.

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