How to Fix ‘Power, Volume Buttons not Working’ Issue – Guide

In this digital age, listening to music, podcasts, voice memos, videos and the like with our phones It is an important part of our daily life. Imagine that you are listening to your favorite song and you want to turn up the volume. up so you can dance and sing with the shower head in the bathroom next door; Then you notice that when you press the volume button, nothing happens. Today, the physicist buttons in phones are an increasingly rare sight. But we still have a handful of buttons to perform basic actions such as turning on the screen and adjusting the volume. As we interact with them many times a day, mechanical keys can wear out over time. If your volume and power buttons doesn’t work or its power button doesn’t work, so don’t run to the service center just yet. Likewise, you can use the power key/volume key combination to take a screenshot (from which you can also disable sounds and notifications). So if those buttons are not working as expected, you will have to get rid of them features as well (unless you rely on the help of a third-party application). So the only way we can do it justice guide is to provide the steps to access these features even without a third-party app.

Fix power, volume Buttons is not working

Check if the Button It’s Really Dead

if your phone buttons are not working, there is a chance that a software glitch caused the malfunction. To ensure that the key is indeed dead, we recommend following the basic troubleshooting steps below.

reset your Phone

Your first order of business is to perform a soft reset. This will restart all background services and update your phone’s main components in case something has stuck or malfunctions. If you have a Samsung phone Is the power button is not working then you can restart your device using Auto Restart feature. This works if your phone screen is off and your battery is above 30%.

Boot into safe mode

Another way to test if a software bug is causing your button problem is booting in safe mode. At its core, Safe Mode is an isolated environment that confines your phone to the software it originally came with. Therefore, none of the third-party services and apps you install will run in safe mode. If the button in question works normally in safe mode, so you know for sure that the culprit is a third-party service. To enter safe mode on most new Android devices, press and hold button. In the menu that appears, tap and hold the Power off button button. After accepting the prompt, your phone will soon be restarted in safe mode. To exit safe mode, repeat the process and choose the Restart option. If you can’t open the energy menu because your energy button is not working, see above steps to open power menu from accessibility shortcut.

Diagnose your PhoneHardware Buttons

O final method to confirm that your problem is due to a hardware failure is to diagnose your phonede buttons through a third-party application. To do this, install an app called TestM from the Play Store. Launch it and tap Hardware on the home page. Then select Hardware Buttons and follow the instructions on the screen. If TestM can recognize keystrokes, you have confirmed that the problem is software related. Based on these tests, you should have a clear idea if your phonede button is really dead. If it’s a software glitch, you can try uninstalling recent apps and any that you don’t trust or haven’t used in a while. If not, you might want to do a full factory reset in Settings > System > Advanced > Reset Options.

Clean the gaps around the Button

Your phone’s volume keys are regularly exposed to the outside world and all its filth. It is possible that the gaps around them have accumulated some tiny debris, which can make internal connections difficult. While there’s not much you can do here without professional help, you do have the option of blowing compressed air inside the potentially affected areas and cleaning them using a toothpick. Sometimes this will be enough to get them moving again.

Android Accessibility Pack

Google’s own Android Accessibility Suite, which we mentioned earlier, is a good option for virtually replicating button actions. The app adds a shortcut panel for a number of essential functions like power, volume up and down, brightness adjustment, multitasking and more. In phones running Android 9 Pie or higher, the Android Accessibility Suite comes pre-installed under Settings > Accessibility. Otherwise, it’s a free download from the Play Store.

Assistive Volume Button

If your Android volume button is not working and you don’t want to use your phone’s built-in accessibility package, there are also apps that can help you work around glitches buttons. The Assistive Volume Button app is for people who want a simple alternative to their phonethe volume of work barely buttons. Assistive Volume Button two floating sticks buttons to the edge of the screen to increase and decrease the volume. Tapping any of them gives you three bars to adjust media, call and notification volume separately. Plus, you have the ability to customize the appearance, size, and more of the virtual buttons.

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