It can be used for a number of tasks, including producing receipts, extracting data from your computer, and even resizing photos. Which method you use will depend on how familiar you are with it and the tools you want to use, as there are several methods for recording your screen in Windows. We have mentioned below ways to fix the print screen not working

Ways to Fix Print Screen Not Working

Update your keyboard driver

Check third-party screenshot software

Another underused way to start debugging is with a 3rd party screen capture program if your print screen switch is not working. This key can be assumed by specialized screen recording applications such as Win Snap or Tech Smith’s SnagIt. While each software application is different, options or preferences are the best starting point. Find the designated hotkeys to take a photo. You can change the Print Screen default setting, for example to a different key.

Stop background programs

Make sure the print screen shortcut is enabled

Final Words

So here we end our article on how to Fix print screen not working. Along with the other keyboard control keys, the Print Screen key is marked with one of the acronyms already listed. The Print Screen key is marked in blue in the overview of a computer keyboard shown below.

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