How to Fix PUBG Mobile Map Download Error – Guide

A few days ago, players encountered a bug in Battlegrounds Mobile India that prevented them from downloading in-game resource packs, including maps. This made matchmaking difficult as most users were just stuck with Erangel map and arcade mode. The developers addressed the issue through a post on the official website. They later identified the issue and fixed it via a patch on June 22 at 4:25 pm. IST However, if they are still facing the problem. battlegrounds Mobile is now available to everyone as Early Access. The game comes with some minor and major changes from the original PUBG Mobile. Some players are experiencing some bugs and issues in the new Battlegrounds Mobile India game. Here we are going to talk about How to fix ‘0.1 MB Map Not Downloading’ error in game.

How to Fix PUBG Mobile Map download error

If you switch to a stronger internet connection and up enough storage space on your device, the error will be resolved. If you are using a third-party cheating program, you should remove it from your device. If you are using emulator, there are more reasons that cause map download error. PUBG Mobile The map download error solution is as follows:

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