Undoubtedly, your device won’t give you a warning before it happens, so when it does and you’re unprepared, frustration sets in. Along with services like PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, Samsung Pay has been one of the innovative technologies to enter the mobile phone market in recent years. Although the technology is fascinating, it hasn’t been without its share of issues. Fortunately, we mentioned below are the ways to Fix Samsung Pay Not Working Issues.

Ways to Fix Samsung Pay Not Working Issues

Restart Your Phone

We occasionally have a tendency to say the most basic things. Simply restarting your device is the first thing you should do if Samsung Pay isn’t functioning on your phone. Restarting the device usually takes care of any small problems that still cause Samsung Pay transactions to fail. In fact, as a preventative measure, you should make it a practice to restart the device once a week.

Force Stop Samsung Pay

The application may occasionally operate improperly, which leads to repeated app crashes. Force-stop an app that will clear all of the foreground and background activity to stop it. If Samsung Pay isn’t working on your S10, taking this action is preferred. Follow the instructions listed below to complete it.

Look At Permission

The application needs permission to do a number of tasks properly. Therefore, if you’re wondering why NFC payments aren’t working, it’s possible that they didn’t completely enable the authorization. The only alternative in this situation is to reactivate the Samsung Pay authorisation.

Remove And Re-add A Card

If you experienced Samsung Pay not working while making payments using a specific card on a Galaxy Watch or Android device. Because there’s a good chance the card you used might have contributed to Samsung Pay’s breakdown. to repair it! It is better to remove and re-add the card.

Reset Samsung Pay

Final Words

So here we conclude our article on how to Fix Samsung Pay Not Working Issues. If you own a Samsung smartphone, you’ve probably made purchases using Samsung Pay. Even if you’ve forgotten your money, you can still purchase something using your android phone or Samsung smartwatch. Samsung Pay makes it simple to pay using your phone where a conventional credit or debit card would normally be used. To make a contactless payment, simply tap your watch or phone.

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