How To Fix ‘Shellexecuteex failed code 2 Error Message’ Issue – Guide

Recently, many Windows 10 users claimed that they are getting “shellexecuteex failed code 2” when installing .exe files. For many Windows users, reinstalling the Windows OS is a common thing and the circle of formatting or installing the OS never seems to end. After receiving several messages from our visitors about the error message “shellexecuteex failed code 2”, we did some research and found that the error is due to some bugs. The bug has been fixed in the new version of Windows OS, but the problem is that users who are using pirated Windows OS are unable to get the update due to the error. You must keep in mind that malware, virus, spyware, adware etc play with the PC files which can trigger various errors. So, before moving on to the other methods, you should try scanning your PC. Even if the full PC scan fails to fix the error message, the security threats will be removed. Therefore, you need to scan your PC with security tools to correct the error message ShellExecuteEx failed code 2. Then, recommend or advise you to download the installer again. There may be a problem with the installer file that gives the error message “shellexecuteex failed code 2”. So, in some cases, users want to uninstall and reinstall the app or brands of it. Also, be sure to run the installer in “Administrator” mode.

Scan your PC with a powerful security tool

This is the main thing you need to do when dealing with errors. It is worth noting that viruses, malware, spyware, adware, etc. occasionally play with the system files which can easily trigger various errors. Before deciding to follow the other processes, check your computer. Even if the full system scan fails to fix the error message, the security threats will be removed.

Try running in Administrator mode

If you are getting the error while installing programs then you can also try running the installer with administrator privileges. If there is something wrong with the permissions, running the installer in Administrator mode will remove the ‘shellexecuteex failed code 2’ error message. Installing applications in Administrator mode is simple; users need to right click on the installer and select the option ‘Run as administrator. Some apps also need admin privileges to install.

Re-download the installer and install

Well, in case you are getting ‘shellexecuteex failed code 2’ error message while installing any app or game you just downloaded. Therefore, we recommend that you redownload the installer. There is probably some failure in the installation file that is triggering the ‘shellexecuteex failed code 2’ error message. In such cases, users need to uninstall the app or traces of it and install it again.

Reverse system sounds to the default

Most users reported that reverting system sounds to default resolved the error message. The problem typically occurs when the module you are trying to install or use cannot handle system sounds correctly. If that was the problem, then you need to revert system sounds to default to resolve the error message.

Run SFC command

The error message “shellexecuteex failed code 2” also occurs due to corrupted system files. If you are getting the error message due to corrupted system files then you also need to use SFC command. The SFC command in Windows will likely resolve all corrupt, missing or changed system files. Here it is how to use SFC command to fix shellexecuteex failed code 2 error message.

system repair

If the SFC command failed to resolve the shellexecuteex failed code 2 error message. You also need to repair your system. You need to have a working bootable Windows DVD or USB to simply perform a system repair. Windows system repair utility will resolve various issues related to 32 system files, restore points, registry, etc. Insert the Windows installation DVD or USB drive and restart your computer. During boot, you will be prompted to press any key to boot from a DVD or USB. Press any key and on the next page choose ‘Repair’. Now just follow the onscreen instructions to repair your system.

Final note

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