How to Fix ‘Signal Not Working’ Issue – Guide

Signal, the popular messaging app, said it restored its services a day after the app ran into technical difficulties. He dealt with a flood of new users after rival messaging app WhatsApp announced a controversial change to privacy rules. Signal users may see bugs in some chats as a side effect of the outage, but these will be fixed in the app’s next update, the company said. The bug does not affect the security of the chat, the company added. When receiving a “poorly encrypted message”, simply tap the menu button in the top right corner and select “Reset Secure Session” to fix the issue on Android. On iOS, tap Reset Session button on The received message was out of sync. Since Facebook-owned WhatsApp unveiled its new privacy policy last week, Signal has seen tremendous interest from new users. Signal said it is adding new servers and additional capacity every day non-stop this week at “record speed”. Several permissions are required for Signal to run correctly. You need to make sure you have given the app all the necessary permissions.

Check for server issues

If you can’t use the Signal app or are having problems with it, the first thing you should check is if the app server is down. For this you can use Downdetector or Outage Report. These sites will let you know if Signal’s servers are down and which countries are affected. If any of these sites highlight problems with the servers, there’s not much you can do. You will just have to wait for the developers to fix the server issue.

check permissions

For Signal to run correctly, it requires a set of permissions. You need to make sure that you have given the app all the necessary permissions. To use Signal app on Android, required permissions are camera, calendar, contacts, phone, files and media, location and microphone. For iPhone, the permissions are contacts, microphone, camera, background apps update and notifications.

To check Signal permissions:

Make sure background data and notifications are turned on

Disable battery optimization

Final note

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