How to Fix Spotify with No Sound on a Windows PC – Guide

Spotify is one of the most popular digital music services, offering its users instant access to millions of different music tracks from all popular genres around the world. With Spotify, you get almost everything you love in the name of music, from old school archives to the latest hits. Just press play and everything is streamed. You can listen to unlimited music anytime, anywhere. You can even download the songs for offline listening. That sounds great, right? But wait, that’s not always the case. Spotify can sometimes put you in an awkward situation in the blink of an eye. Problems like Spotify error code 4, 18 and Spotify mute occur from time to time. You press play to listen to Spotify music, but it ends up hear two sounds, one is breathing and the other is heartbeat. That is, you don’t hear any sound from Spotify, but the selected song is playing. Your first action, of course, is to adjust the volume. But still nothing happens. So how can you proceed? In general, the problem of Spotify playing but no sound can occur due to various reasons such as bad internet connection, overloaded RAM, overloaded CPU and more. However, maybe your device or Spotify is just having technical issues. To help you, we’ll show you how to fix the problem with Spotify sound missing using various methods, and we will show you how to fix it.

How to Fix Spotify No Sound on a Windows PC

Check if it is an audio device specific issue

If you’re trying to play music tracks through your speakers, plug in your headphones and see if you can hear them through them. That way you can determine if the sound problem is limited to the headphones or the speakers. If you can hear sound through your headphones, your computer audio is working and your speakers need troubleshooting.

Run the audio troubleshooter

Windows comes with dedicated troubleshooting tools to fix system issues. This audio troubleshooter can find common sound problems in Windows and automatically apply fixes.

Turn on Spotify App Sound on Volume Mixer

Change the default audio output device

Spotify uses your system’s default audio device to play the audio. If you have multiple audio devices connected to your computer, make sure the correct audio device is set as the default device.

Disable audio enhancements

Final note

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