How to Fix ‘Steam Slow Download Speed Problem’ Issue – Guide

Well, it can ruin your whole day if you think about the reasons behind it. Even if your internet connection is fast, this problem can happen. So if it ever crosses your mind that network connectivity is the only reason, you could be wrong. In addition to bad network connection, there are many cases that can lead to slow Steam download error. Outdated network drivers can cause this. Sometimes when the server for the selected download region is down, you may find that the download speed is slow or you are unable to download the game. If you have Windows Firewall enabled, it is also possible that the firewall is blocking the action. You may experience slow download speed when there is a cached download issue in Steam. Setting a limited download bandwidth is another reason why you will face this issue. In some cases, it is found that the slow download is due to the high CPU usage of the computer. If you notice an inconsistency in speed or if your Steam client is not responding while downloading, you can apply the fixes described below. You must apply them one at a time until one works for you.

Why is Steam downloading so slow and how can I fix it?

Clear the download cache

Change the bandwidth limit

Change the download region

Reduce disk usage

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