Stray’s engine folder contains information about OpenXR. While not intended for use in the release version, Stray may unintentionally cause the SteamVR or Oculus software to launch, depending on which you have installed. This issue was somewhat fixed by one of Stray’s initial hotfixes after its debut, however, players continue to report that the game releases VR programs sporadically. Fortunately, there is a lasting solution. We have mentioned below the steps to fix Stray Launching VR Applications on Windows system.

Steps to Fix Lost Boot VR Apps on Windows System

Run the game as administrator

If you don’t run your video game with administrator privileges, it may have problems loading, starting or even crashing during setup. So it’s best to just launch the game’s executable file as administrator on your Windows machine to see if that solves the problem. To do this:

Check the integrity of game files

Checking and repairing game files with the help of game launcher can be quite beneficial if for some reason the game files end up up corrupted or missing. How to do it:

Update GPU Drivers

The outdated graphics driver has apparently been reported by several affected players. If you are using an outdated graphics driver, check for updates by performing the actions listed below:

Install all pending Windows updates

The game may not work properly if some Windows crashes or system files collide in some way. Sometimes not updating the program for a while can also cause an incompatibility issue. Install all pending Windows updates and always use the latest OS version. Therefore:

Disable antivirus and firewall program

Now, you will also have to disable antivirus protection (Windows Defender) by following the steps below:

Start the game in windowed mode (Steam)

To see if it helps, try starting the game in windowed view. A PC with common hardware specs may occasionally experience various issues when running a game in full screen mode.

Final Words

Recently, the Steam platform saw the debut of Stray, but since then, some players have complained that the game keeps crashing. They also boasted top-notch computers. However, the game crashes regularly. Temporarily corrupted data, incompatible or damaged drivers, third-party software interference, and incorrect overclock settings are some of the main causes of this issue. We hope that our article on “How to Fix Stray Launching VR Applications on Windows System” will surely help you to do that.

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