We’ve moved from computers to Surface Pro tablets as a result of the rapid advancement of technology. an embedded computer system in the form of a tablet. What more can we ask for at the level that technology has reached? Having previously used large constructed equipment, a laptop is now being used. Evolution never comes to an end. The Surface Pro tablet requires an additional keyboard to be connected to perform tasks quickly. The touchpad on our Surface Laptop it was functional but the keyboard was not. Even worse, the problem persisted after restarting the Surface Laptop, which is the typical solution for strange Windows PC issues. Below are ways to Fix Surface Laptop Keyboard doesn’t work.

Ways to fix the surface Laptop Keyboard doesn’t work

reset your surface

The first thing you should do when your Surface keyboard stops working is restart your device. In general, you can fix many common errors using this strategy. This is how to perform it.

clean connectors

The keyboard might not connect properly to the Surface when debris or other objects obstruct the connection. It usually happens when you use Surface without cleaning it for a while. Turn off Surface completely. The connectors must then be cleaned with a clean cloth and a little rubbing alcohol afterwards. To clean it more thoroughly, you can also use a q-tip as an alternative. Wait two to three minutes after cleaning is complete. Then, to verify that the problem is resolved, turn on the computer and connect the keyboard.

reset surface

Surface keyboard might not work due to some corrupted data or settings on your system, but restarting your device might help to fix this. These are detailed steps.

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to Fix Surface Laptop Keyboard doesn’t work. Keyboards designed for Surface Pro tablets have caused problems for many users. Don’t worry if you’re having trouble; We have a solution for you. shopping mode Microsoft has developed the Microsoft Surface line of next-generation, touch-enabled interactive PCs. A detachable screen on some models, like the Surface Pro, allows them to function as tablets. Regarding the keyboard, the Surface Keyboard has some clear benefits, including portability, software optimization, lower hardware and software expenses, and faster typing.

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