How to Fix ‘Sync Passphrase error’ Issue on Google Chrome – Guide

Google Chrome is great for syncing browser data between desktop and mobile devices. Chrome’s built-in sync feature which helps with this works efficiently behind the scenes. You can also deal with performance issues, forgotten sync passwords, and accidentally deleted browsing data with a Chrome sync reset. But it’s better to get an idea of ​​how the process works beforehand. You won’t lose locally stored Chrome password manager passwords, bookmarks, and Chrome autofill information (as well as other forms of browsing data) on any of your devices. This makes a Chrome sync reset operation pretty safe. However, you should be careful when re-enabling the functionality. Chrome Sync feature is one of the most popular features from Google Chrome. Chrome Sync is the feature which allows you to see all your browsing activities synced across all devices and platforms instantly. However, when handling personal data, additional precautions must be taken to ensure that your privacy is respected. Because of this, Chrome finally allowed its users to set a sync password.

Fix Sync Password Error in Chrome (Computer)

Fix Sync Password Error in Chrome

If you want to fix Chrome Sync Password Error on your smartphone, follow the steps below.

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