How to fix the issue of Battlefield 2042 crashing on PC – Guide

While many players are enjoying Battlefield 2042 on PC, others are experiencing Battlefield 2042 startup issues and issues, including many desktop crashes. Even those with state-of-the-art CPUs, powerful graphics cards and enough RAM can experience crashing issues. How are you going to play one of the best PC games of all time if you can’t stop it from crashing on your desktop? Unfortunately, EA and DICE have not yet provided solutions to resolve the crash issues, however there are several workarounds you can take to try to avoid future crashes. Here are some of the options we suggest.

Update your graphics drivers

If You Still Not UpSo far, one of the best ways to reduce crashes in Battlefield 2042 is to update your graphics drivers. The latest drivers for NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards have optimizations for Battlefield 2042 that will improve your system’s in-game performance and stability. This will significantly reduce the chances of a crash occurring and may also fix other Battlefield 2042 PC issues. To update your graphics drivers when using an NVIDIA GPU, you can use the GeForce Experience app. Alternatively, you can download drivers directly from the NVIDIA drivers page. AMD Radeon users can update drivers with AMD’s Auto-Detect and Install tool. This tool is available on the AMD Drivers and Support page.

Check the integrity of your game files

If updating your drivers doesn’t work and you are a Steam user, you should check the integrity of your game files. You can do this by right-clicking Battlefield 2042 in the Steam library, selecting Properties, then selecting “Check game file integrity…” button on the Local Files tab. This will take a few minutes, but if there is a file missing from your installation that is causing a crash, this process will prompt Steam to download it and add it to your installation, fixing the problem.

Lower your graphics settings

Another great way to reduce crash issues is to lower your graphics settings. The Battlefield 2042 usually uses Ultra settings automatically if it detects relatively powerful hardware on your device, which often leads to poor performance due to game startup issues. By lowering these settings, you’re less likely to experience the severe drops in performance that often result in a crash.

Use full screen without border

Using Borderless Fullscreen view is another good way to increase performance and reduce the risk of crashing. Battlefield 2042’s default full-screen mode appears to be less optimized than borderless full-screen, and because of this, the game is more likely to crash when using normal full-screen.

Avoid using Alt + Tab

Finally, we recommend avoiding using the Alt+Tab shortcut, especially if you are using normal fullscreen. This is because Alt + Tab to exit the game often causes big drops or crashes in performance when you switch back to using tabbing, which can often result in a desktop crash. Alt + Tabing is safer when using full screen without borders, but it’s still not recommended. Ultimately, none of these workarounds will completely prevent failures. However, they will significantly reduce the chances of them happening, which, hopefully, will result in a better experience for you.

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