How to Fix the “No Battery Is Detected” Error on Windows – Guide

One day, you are happily using your Windows device when you suddenly see a scary “No Battery Detected” error on your taskbar. Usually this error message appears. up when the battery is defective or when there are multiple system problems. However, receiving this error message does not always necessarily mean that you will need to replace the battery or buy a new PC. In this article, we will show you the best solutions to resolve the “No battery was detected” issue in Windows.

  1. Quick fixes for an undetected battery Before getting into the heart of your computer, try the following quick and easy solutions:

restart your Laptop

Whenever you encounter system issues like this, resetting your device can help. So try resetting the device and check if the problem persists.

Let your PC cool down

If your device has been exposed to the sun or any form of heat, the battery may be overheating. So you can give your device some room to cool down and see if that helps solve the problem.

Clean the battery compartment

The battery may not be detected simply because there is dirt in the battery compartment. So try cleaning the battery compartment and then check if this removes the error message.

Reconnect the battery

You may encounter this error immediately after accidentally dropping the device. So a quick way to resolve this issue would be to reconnect the battery and see if that resolves the issue.

2. Check battery status

If you suspect that the battery may be damaged, you can confirm this by checking its status through Device Manager. Also, knowing this will help you understand if you need to apply other troubleshooting fixes or just get a new battery. So, let’s take a look at How to check your battery status: In the next window, check the Device Status reading. If it reads “The device is working properly”, you can try other troubleshooting to resolve the issue. If the device status is “Device has a problem”, try repairing the battery drivers using the next method in this article. But if the battery status doesn’t change after that, you might consider purchasing a new battery.

3. Restart or reinstall battery drivers

The “No Battery Detected” issue is likely caused by corrupt battery drivers. In that case, you can resolve this issue by restarting or reinstalling the battery drivers. Let’s take a look at How to reset your battery drivers: Restart your PC and see if this solves your problem. If the problem persists, try reinstalling the battery drivers by following these steps:

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