How to Fix ‘This Audio Format AC3 is Not Supported’ Issue – Guide

Most people encounter this error when using MX Player in conjunction with free streaming apps like Terrarium TV. You will try to play a movie or TV show in the app and you will find that the video plays fine but there is no sound. MX Player has been in the market since Android was established and it is getting better every day. However, what worries most users is that the official MX Player has removed some of its codecs, including AC3, DTS, MLP, etc. due to some licensing issues. There may be times when you are playing your favorite video but face an error that MX Player AC3 audio format is not supported which means just playing the video without audio. Also, if you like to watch non-native videos whose language you don’t know, you may need subtitles to help you understand those videos better. Actually, for such a small problem, it’s not worth uninstalling MX Player because we share the easy to use tips which will solve this problem in minutes! If you encounter this error while playing your video in MX Player, it means that the MX Player codec for AC3 audio is missing. So it stands to reason that you should download and install this necessary codec! And the first job you have to do is find your custom codec.

How to Fix ‘This AC3 audio format is not supported’ issue

Add custom codecs

To make sure you download and install the correct custom codecs, you should check the version of your MX player that your media player is running. Once you see the version, follow the steps below to choose and download your custom codec:

Add custom codec manually

If your MX player doesn’t detect the custom codec automatically, consider adding the codec manually, giving it the correct path. For eac3 audio format player, here is How to add the correct codec:

Convert EAC3 MX player compatible to MP3, AAC or MP4 format

This is another quick fix to fix MX Player eac3 unsupported audio error. See, you can encode unsupported MX player’s eac3 audio to more compatible formats like MP3, MP4 and AAC. All you need to do is use any professional video or audio converter. You can find some free video or audio converters, but you need to choose the best one available. In that case, you can convert video and audio files to digital formats in a simple way to fix eac3 audio format not supported by MX Player.

Use VLC media player to fix eac3 is not supported

VLC media player can also convert different video and audio formats. Well, if you have compatibility issues like eac3 audio format is not supported, you can convert it to MP3 or any other format. Here are the steps to fix eac3 audio support video player issue:

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