Tower of Fantasy, is tied to Perfect World. It is essentially an RPG with an open-world game as its foundation. Because you can play this game on numerous platforms, it has a large fan base and player base. IOS, Windows, and Android are among these platforms. We have mentioned steps below to Fix Tower Of Fantasy Black Screen.

Ways to Fix Tower Of Fantasy Black Screen

Change The Compatibility Settings

Changing the Tower of Fantasy compatibility options will allow you to run the game as an administrator. To make changes, add the Tower of Fantasy launcher to your desktop and right-click on the icon. After that, a menu of options will appear; pick the “Properties” settings. After that, navigate to the “Compatibility” tab in the top area to modify the game’s compatibility choice. Select the “Run this programme as an administrator” option to grant the game all permissions.

Check For Updates

If the game’s developers issue a new update, it is recommended that you upgrade the game immediately because the updates contain new patches and minor problem fixes. As a result, ensure sure your game is up to date and includes all of the necessary files.

Uninstall Third-Party Audio Drivers

Crashing, a dark screen, the game just not responding, and a slew of additional faults are among the concerns. Simply uninstall the current driver, and the problem should be resolved. You’re not giving up much here. While these drivers can make a difference in games where sound design is important and game-changing, they will have no effect on your Tower of Fantasy gameplay.

Final Words

We hope like our article on How to Fix Tower Of Fantasy Black Screen. Tower of Fantasy, like other video games, contains flaws that detract from the gameplay experience of the gamers. One such fault is the famed Black Screen problem, which has afflicted a large number of travelers. Fortunately, we can show you how to resolve this issue, so here’s what you should do if you encounter the Black Screen in Tower of Fantasy.

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