How to Fix ‘Unidentified Network Error’ Issue on Windows 11 PC – Guide

Windows OS users often face many minor and major issues. One of the most notable issue that frequently occurs is unidentified Ethernet network in Windows 11. When encountering this issue in Windows 11, users are unable to access the internet despite having a working internet connection. They are indicated with a yellow exclamation point on the network icon, which gives the message “No network access”. Windows 11 has excellent troubleshooting features. When trying to troubleshoot a Windows operating system issue, the first step should always be to use this built-in troubleshooter. Since our current problem is related to the network adapter, let’s launch the network adapter troubleshooter. When you update your computer to Windows 10 or simply install your updates like Creators Update / Fall Creators Update Version 1709 / Anniversary Update, you will encounter many errors. One such error in Windows 10 is Unidentified Network – No Internet Access. This error is also common in Windows 7. If you are facing this error, you are not the only one. Many Windows 10 and Windows 7 users are having trouble accessing the Internet due to the same issue.

Turn off airplane mode

Remove your antivirus software

Update network card drivers

Disable fast startup

Change your DNS servers

Restart your PC

According to users, sometimes you can fix this issue by simply restarting your PC. It seems that Windows 10 can sometimes contain your personal files and this can cause the unidentified network message to appear.

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