The game’s multiplayer option allows for a maximum of 10 players at once, which is far fewer than other multiplayer open-world survival games. Additionally, depending on the location, gamers can simply construct and host their own game servers, which may sound handy but isn’t. The Valheim Incompatible Version Error is one of many server errors or problems that might result from this. It’s a nuisance that this specific problem prevents players from starting the game or from connecting to specific game servers. Therefore, the incompatible version issue will start to show to numerous players very frequently anytime the game client and server don’t run the same version of the game. In that case, you’ll need to update the server and the game to the most recent versions. We know why many of you who are playing with friends on servers have been experiencing this problem.

4 Ways to Fix Valheim Incompatible Version

Update Your Game

As was already explained, the main reason the Valheim server reports an incompatible version is that the game files on the player’s end and the distant server’s end do not match. Therefore, updating the game file to the most recent version is one of the finest alternatives.

Update the Game Server via SteamCMD

Ensure that all PC in the network run the same game files version

Update the local host

Valheim System Requirements

About the Game

The early access version of Valheim begins with a scrawl of red runes that gradually fade into text. You watch the Norse epic as it is being performed in front of you as you are carried off into another world by a crow. You hear thunder and lightning before being suddenly thrust into a familiar but strange landscape. As the melodic score starts to play, there is a feeling of mystery and wonder. You are present. Valheim is where you are. As the reincarnation of a legendary warrior from another realm, you enter this world prepared to carry out Odin’s mission to purge Valheim of terrifying creatures that even the gods dare not confront. Valheim supports this behaviour because it gives you access to more resources to make better housing, armour, and crafting tools after you defeat these bosses.

However, the world itself suffers as a result of this action. To defeat these monsters, you must kill their relatives, which can be found in the meadows, the Black Forest, the swamps, the windswept mountains, and the plains. Even after you defeat the “boss” of each of these regions, the game still makes you deal with the fallout in the form of global events. The drakes that lived in the mountains went into a frenzy as a result of my attempt to kill the large frost dragon Moder.

Final Words

The game updates in Valheim, but not all of its components do, or the servers you’re using don’t update along with the game file. Fortunately, resolving the issue is simple; however, updating your Valheim server obviously involves a few more complex steps. When your version and the server’s version are incompatible, the Valheim incompatible version error appears. We hope our article on “How to Fix Valheim Incompatible Version” will surely help you to do so. If you want to play Valheim you can purchase it from the official game site.

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