VALORANT error codes are similar to Windows updates in that they often appear when a person is trying to run something independently. The error number “VAL 19” has recently given players problems when they try to log in and play. Typically, the statement “An error occurred while connecting to the platform” will appear next to the Error Code: VAL 19. Restarting the game client is mandatory. Another typical code used to inform players that an attempt to connect to the Riot Client failed can be seen in this case. We have mentioned below steps to fix Valorant VAL 19 error code on PC.

Steps to Fix Valorant VAL 19 Error Code on PC

Check for a server problem

It turns out that you have no influence over the server-side failure that can cause this issue. Consider whether the source of the issue is a server issue affecting players in your area before taking any further action. You should start this troubleshooting procedure by making sure none of Valoran’s servers are currently down or under maintenance, as error number 9 is the one that most often points to a widespread server issue. Riot maintains a directory where you can check the status of each server to see if the error is currently occurring on all Valorant servers or if it simply affects your computer. While on the Valorant status screen, choose Continue before selecting your connection location and language. The server should then display a list of all your current issues. If there is any sign of a connectivity issue, you should change the server you are connecting from.

Restart all Riot processes

With patch 3.12, several players encountered Valorant Error Code 19. When the problem code appears, the Riot Client malfunctions and Valorant won’t let you load up a game. Error 19 in Valorant is usually caused by the Riot Client, not the game. Most issues can be fixed by restarting the Riot Client. When Riot Client updates are pending, Valorant regularly misbehaves and shows error code. For detailed instructions on how to restart all RIOT processes, read on:

Reinstall Valorant and the Riot client

The Riot Client cannot be downloaded separately because it is integrated into your game. If you choose to delete it, Valorant will reinstall itself when you try to launch it again. Several affected customers reported that they were able to resolve the issue by first reinstalling Valorant, then the Riot Client, and reinstalling both again.

Clear DNS cache and ISP temporary data

Several brave players mentioned that we are also facing this issue. As a result, you should anticipate this behavior as a result of a network abnormality. Powershell commands should be used in this circumstance to update Winsock, IP data, DNS data and firewall cache. To test if this scenario is true, launch an elevated Powershell command and issue a series of commands while pressing Enter. Here it is how to go about it:

Install pending Windows updates

Windows update can be the cause of this issue if you haven’t updated your Windows build in a while. Open the Windows Update component and install each pending Windows update until your system is up to date to resolve this issue. Before trying any of the other possible options below, install all pending updates first and see if the problem goes away on its own. The procedures outlined below should resolve the issue if it results from a known flaw in Windows 11, as Microsoft has already provided a fix for each OS version (including version N). Follow these procedures to install each impending Windows update:

Final Words

Those trying to log in and play some games have been plagued by the heroic error code “VAL 19”. Not only does it block players from logging in, but it also doesn’t seem to be a specific issue for any user. As a result, Riot Games fans aren’t exactly satisfied right now. We hope that our article on “How to Fix Valorant Error Code VAL 19 On PC” will surely help you to do that.

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