You can record as much as you like using Voice Memo until your device’s storage capacity is reached. Students or anybody else can use this to record lectures from the classroom, important concepts, music, and more. But recently, a lot of iOS users have complained about problems with voice memos not working properly. Your productivity may suffer if the voice memo isn’t working properly, and you might lose track of other private notes. The microphone and speaker built into your iPhone will function flawlessly with the Voice Memos app. The best iPhone external microphones should be looked into if you want to go above and beyond and get the best sound possible in your recordings. We mentioned below are the ways to fix Voice Memos not recording Audio on iPhone.

Ways to fix Voice Memos not recording Audio on iPhone

Restart iPhone

Most of the time, the problem is purely technical and can be resolved by restarting the device. Turn off your iPhone completely first. Then wait a few minutes before turning it back on. This will help you resolve this problem by clearing the RAM and temporary cache.

Update the Voice Memos app

Users have discovered new bugs and issues with many of the system apps in iOS 16, including the Voice Memos app. The good news is that Apple has already updated its system apps to work effectively with the newest iPhone 14, which has iOS 16 or higher as its operating system. So be sure to check the App Store for updates and see if that helps.

Check storage space

Voice Memos can take up a lot of storage space. Additionally, with iOS 16, storage can be a significant problem. According to several reports, the iPhone 14 behaves differently, and some apps don’t function properly when storage is low.

Change the audio quality

When you record using the Voice Memos app, audio quality is crucial. The majority of the problems are being caused by the Voice recording settings quality being set to compress by default.

Disable low-power mode

The iPhone has a low power option that allows you to conserve some energy while it is running low. Although this is a fantastic feature, it also restricts the functionality of your iPhone. To conserve battery, it will halt any background recording tasks, for instance. This is the precise cause of your Voice Memos Not Recording Audio on iPhone 14, 14 Plus, or 14 Pro Max issue. To fix this, make sure you disable the battery saver mode. You can do this by going to Settings > Battery and disabling the “Low power mode” option.

Turn off the sound recognition feature

Additionally, the iPhone has a unique sound identification technology that makes it easier to identify sounds and take appropriate action. However, this feature is quite glitchy and is also the root of the Voice Memos sound recording issue.

Final Words

So here we conclude our article on How to fix Voice Memos not recording Audio on iPhone.It should be noted that there might not be any problems with the app itself, and any short-term technical issues can be resolved by just restarting your iPhone. However, if your device is experiencing hardware problems and the microphone or Audio IC chip is destroyed, you may need to make a repair appointment at your local Apple Care location.

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