On your Android device, you are unable to receive or send voice messages? so read this guide through conclusion for what could have gone wrong with Android voicemail feature and what you can do to fix it. Your Android device does not support voicemail unless you enable feature🇧🇷 Your smartphone may have errors if it is running an older version of the Android operating system. This causes a series of features, including voicemail, to malfunction. It could be a network issue that prevented voicemail messages from reaching you. We mention ways below to Fix Voicemail Not Working Issue on Android

Ways to Fix Voicemail Not Working on Android

Update your carrier’s voicemail app

Depending on the voicemail provider you use, your device may already have a voicemail application provided by your carrier loaded on it. If you use a state-of-the-art visual voicemail service, this is particularly true. Check for updates if a carrier-issued app isn’t working properly. Young features and bug fixes are often included in app updates, which can help alleviate common issues. If the voicemail app stops working, it could be due to an issue that your carrier later fixed.

Use a third-party voicemail app

It may be possible to install a third-party voicemail program, although this is not possible for all network operators. Bypassing any difficulties you may have when manually dialing voicemail or using a buggy carrier app can be possible with this. You can test various standalone voicemail apps on the Google Play Store. You should test these apps first because some of them may not work in your area or with your specific voicemail provider.

Contact your carrier for support.

If your voicemail settings still don’t work, there may be a problem with the service offered by your network operator. The best course of action at this point is to contact your carrier to ensure there are no issues or malfunctions that need to be corrected with additional technical assistance.

Final Words

That’s it with our article on How to Fix the issue of voicemail not working on Android. Voicemail hasn’t seen much change since it was first introduced, unlike other modes of communication. Your Android’s voicemail service may occasionally stop working, which can be confusing. If you are afraid of losing your voicemail messages

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