How to Fix ‘WhatsApp Backup Not Showing’ Issue in Google Drive – Guide

if support up for Google Drive not working, there is a disconnect somewhere between your local device and the cloud storage provider, so you need to find out where. If you’ve recently changed phones, you’ve got a new one phone number or WhatsApp reinstalled on your smartphone, Google Drive may not recognize it correctly and you need to connect it with the correct account information. Your settings must be set correctly up to enable automatic backup. So check which option is selected in Settings and you can get to the bottom of the problem. Once you’ve determined a likely cause of the problem, you should take steps to fix it as soon as possible to avoid permanent data loss. Try applying the fix most likely to give you instant results and see if your WhatsApp chats show up where they should. If the first solution you try is not enough, you can move on to the next possibility and finally get your data back. As most solutions are quite simple and do not require advanced technical skills, in most cases you should be able to perform the necessary operations yourself.

Where is the backup file actually located on Google Drive

Why can’t I find WhatsApp backup on my Google Drive?

Here How to check the same;

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