Have you ever attempted to utilize Windows Backup on an external hard drive and encountered the 0x8078012D error code? If so, you shouldn’t worry because you’re not the only one with this problem. The main cause of this issue can be the input-output device. If you are unable to use the previously created system backup on your PC or it is giving you error number 0x8078012D, try to resolve the problem described below. Before continue, we encourage you to upgrade Windows. We have mentioned steps below to fix Windows Backup 0x8078012D Error.

Steps to Fix Windows Backup 0x8078012D Error

Enable the Windows backup service

Enabling the Windows backup service is the first thing you can do to solve the “Windows Backup Error 0x8078012D” problem. Numerous troubled users claim that utilizing the Service utility to enable the Windows Backup service has assisted them in resolving the aforementioned difficulty. Here, we advise you to do the same.

Run SFC scan and DISM Scan

Corrupt system files are one of the factors that cause “Windows Backup Error 0x8078012D.” The recommended course of action in this case is to use the DISM and SFC scans to check for and fix any system file corruption. Follow the instructions below to run both scans:

For SFC scan

For DISM scan

Uninstall Shark007 Codec

Conflicts between Windows Backup and third-party codec packs can also cause the “Windows Backup Error 0x8078012D.” (Shark007). The only option for people whose computers have the Shark007 Codec installed right now is to uninstall it.

Disable or Uninstall the 3rd party security suite and Firewall

A few troubled customers claim that turning off or uninstalling their firewall and third-party security programme helped them resolve the “Windows Backup Error 0x8078012D.” There is a potential that a false positive might interfere with the backup process if you use a firewall or a third-party security suite.

Running a CHKDSK scan

The “Windows Backup Error 0x8078012D” may also be caused by damaged storage sectors of some type, and the CHKDSK scan can help you find any such logical sectors and then replace them with healthy ones. This will therefore quickly fix the aforementioned problem.

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article fixing Windows Backup Error 0x8078012D to be helpful. On their Windows PC, many customers encounter a backup issue, which is indicated by the error number 0x8078012D. When a user attempts to generate a backup for Windows updates, a typical problem known as Windows system image backup occurs. Please tell your friends about this post if you enjoyed it.

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