How to Fix ‘YouTube Not Working’ Issue – Guide

With over 2.3 billion monthly active users, YouTube is the world’s largest online video platform. Google does a great job of keeping YouTube up and running, but there were occasional times when the service went down. When YouTube is not working, it is a problem for most of us. So what do you do when you find yourself in this situation? Here are some things you can try on your Android and Windows devices. While this is not common, YouTube can sometimes go down. There’s no easy way to check if YouTube’s servers are down, but we recommend a few methods. You can get the information straight from the horse’s mouth by going to the official YouTube account on Twitter. Any failures will likely be reported there. We also recommend Down Detector, a site for people to report problems when YouTube is not working. The website is almost always on site and even includes a live map to see if there are any local disruptions. Running older versions of an application is usually not a problem, but it can sometimes cause conflicts. This is especially the case for major updates or upgrades that involve server-side changes. Make sure you are running the latest version of the application.

How to Fix YouTube on desktop

If you are using YouTube via a desktop browser, follow these steps to try to fix YouTube.

Update your browser

You should always use the most up-the current version of your browser. Most popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox should update automatically, but it’s always best to check this. For Chrome, paste chrome://settings/help into the URL bar and press Enter. You should see “Google Chrome is up To date.” Otherwise, click Update Google Chrome and click Restart.

Clear your cookies and cache

Try clearing your cookies and cache to clear your browser. From the Time range drop-down list, select All time. Check Cookies and other site data and cached images and files. Click Clear Data.

disable extensions

Browser extensions can cause compatibility issues with YouTube. To view your extensions in Chrome, paste chrome://extensions/ in the URL bar and press Enter. Turn off each extension by clicking the slider so it turns gray. After each one, try YouTube again and see if the problem is fixed. If it is, keep the extension disabled and try contacting the developer to see if they can fix the issue.

Update video drivers

If the video drivers are out of date, it can cause video playback issues. Try updating them to see if that resolves the issue. To do this, press Windows key + X and click Device Manager. Double-click Display Adapters. Then right-click on the graphics card and click Update Driver. Click Search automatically for updated driver software and follow the wizard.

Check your internet connection

Even if you can access other websites, that doesn’t mean your Internet connection isn’t faulty. It might not be stable enough to stream YouTube. Use the Windows native troubleshooter to detect and resolve issues.

How to Fix YouTube on Android and iOS

If you’re using YouTube on an Android or iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, try these troubleshooting steps.

Update your operating system

Your operating system may be out of date and therefore YouTube cannot run properly. On Android, open Settings and look for Software Update (or System Update). phone section. If a new version is available, download and install it. On iOS, go to Settings > General > Software Update and download and install an update if one is available.

Update the YouTube app

The YouTube app must always be running the latest version so that you can benefit from the latest features and bug fixes. On Android, open the Play Store, tap your profile icon and select Manage apps and devices. Then tap Pending Updates and if YouTube is here tap Update. On iOS, open the App Store and tap the Updates tab. If you see YouTube in this list, tap Refresh.

Clear YouTube cache and data

If you have been using the YouTube app for some time, a large amount of cache and data may have been created up and be causing problems. On Android, go to Settings > Apps > YouTube > Storage. Tap on Clear cache and see if that resolves the issue. If not, come back here and tap on Clear data. On iOS, the best way to do this is to uninstall and reinstall YouTube. Press and hold the app on your home screen and tap Delete. Then go to the App Store and download YouTube again.

Check your internet connection

YouTube may not be working if your internet is having trouble connecting properly.

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