How to Flip/Mirror Photos on iPhone and iPad – Guide

Sometimes you take the perfect photo – and your phone saves something that isn’t quite what you had in mind. Sometimes your iPhone or iPad saves images that look mirrored. Sometimes you find that your selfie is the opposite of what you imagined, so you may need to invert the image. It might seem impossible if the saved image isn’t what you wanted, but it isn’t! Here we explain how to invert saved image on iPhone, how to mirror iPhone selfie mode which is wrong and the best way to manage your photos on iPhone or iPad to avoid confusion and cloud – Save Storage Space Users find that iPhone or iPad saved the wrong picture when they rotate the phone to shoot in landscape mode. We often take pictures in landscape format, but they are saved in portrait format. The reason for this is that your iPhone relies on internal sensors to know it’s lying on its side, and those sensors don’t always get it right. For pet owners, this is common. They take a picture of their pet in landscape mode, usually looking down, but the iPhone saves the image in portrait mode because the sensors don’t recognize that the iPhone is in landscape mode. Your phone still thinks you want a portrait photo and saves it as such. Flip takes a photo and rotates it 180 degrees. If you look left in an image, a reflection will make you look right. Likewise, everything else in the image is also flipped to the other side. Many of us like to turn into selfie photos that turned out to be fake. Forward camera mirror image trick This is useful when you want the image to mirror what you see on the screen.

How to mirror an image with iPhone/iPad Photos

Using the Photos app on your iPhone/iPad to flip your selfie is probably the simplest solution, as it’s an app you already have and you probably already know how to to use. Here it is how to create a quick mirror image:

How to flip an image in Photoshop Express

Not only is Photoshop Express a great tool for flipping your photos, it’s also an excellent general editing app. Here it is how to mirror image using Photoshop Express:

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