How to Flush DNS Cache in Windows 11 PC – Guide

Releasing DNS on your Windows PC is easy to achieve. In this article, we explain four easy ways to clear DNS cache on your computer. But first, let’s have a quick overview of DNS caching. Your PC maintains a file containing the names of every host and IP address that you have ever visited in any web browser. It also contains the site cache, so the site will load faster the next time you try to open it. These caches are primarily located on the host computer, such as the ISP’s server. In general, these cache files are automatically updated when the PC connects to the Internet. However, there are times when the IP address of the website has changed but not yet updated. This can cause problems loading this page or website. This is where clearing the DNS cache comes into play. It erases all the stale information so that the PC gets the new data related to that website. Devices regularly update cache and hostname automatically. However, websites do not always remain the same, their domains or IP addresses change from time to time. Therefore, if a website’s IP address was changed before the DNS cache was refreshed, the existing data in the cache will become stale and invalid.

How to Flush DNS Cache on Windows 11 PC

Using the command prompt

Using Windows PowerShell

Another way to flush DNS cache on Windows 11 PCs is using PowerShell. See how you do it:

Using a run command

You can also clear the DNS cache directly from the Run dialog without opening Command Prompt or PowerShell. This is probably the easiest way to clear DNS cache on Windows computer and here’s how it works:

Using a batch file

If you prefer to automate the process of flushing the DNS cache on your Windows PC, you can create and use a batch file for this purpose. So download and run this batch file to clear DNS cache on Windows 11. A batch file, in case you didn’t know, contains a series of commands and you can simply run the file at scheduled intervals or when needed to run those commands.

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