How to fly a Dodo in GTA 3 on PC – Guide

Piloting a Dodo in GTA 3 is one of the most difficult tasks in the entire game because its controls are difficult to follow. Some GTA 3 players have wild imaginations. They don’t want to limit themselves to the size and scope of Liberty City. Some players want to ascend to heaven. GTA 3 doesn’t offer much in terms of flying vehicles. The only option available is the infamous Dodo. Due to their short span, the Dodos won’t be airborne for long. GTA 3 even keeps track of how long players can stay in the air. It is unlike any other flying vehicle in the series. However, determined players can find a way to fly it. They need to understand the control scheme on the PC.

How GTA 3 Players Can Fly a Dodo Airplane on PC

Dodos are not easy to fly, but it can be done. Keep in mind that these controls are only relevant for PC users.

Basic controls

PC gamers must understand the basic vehicle controls: Default control schemes can also be changed at any time. GTA 3 players must also know the specific control buttons to Dodo: Now get off track: Players will now be live. However, make sure the plane’s nose is parallel to the ground. If he rises too high, the Dodo will descend. Keep the balance. Turning can seem difficult as the Dodo will get out of control. Regardless, GTA 3 players need to stay calm. Repeatedly tap the Dodo Down key (NUM6) to reposition. To land the plane, press the Dodo Up key (NUM9). Press the key gradually. Otherwise, the aircraft will spiral and fall. Players can land on the airstrip or on the streets of Liberty City. Why is the Dodo so hard to control?

Why is the Dodo so hard to control?

The Dodo’s main problem is its short span. GTA 3 players won’t be in the air for long. Airplane wings allow these flying vehicles to remain in the air. However, a short wingspan will significantly reduce flight time. GTA 3 players may have difficulty making this plane fly. However, this can be done with trial and error. It can also be a rewarding experience. After mastering this skill, players can go anywhere they want.

Spawning sites

Players must visit Francis International Airport. A Dodo can be found in one of the hangars. It is recognizable for its short span and red color scheme. The aircraft is also relatively small. Alternatively, players can also complete the Portland import/export garage. Dodo will show up there. Please share this article if you like it!

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