How to Follow a Website in Chrome – Guide

The Google Chrome browser is pre-installed and ready to use on Chromebooks only. If you are using Microsoft Windows or an Apple computer, see: How to install or uninstall the Google Chrome browser. Once Chrome is installed, you can open it like any other program on your computer. Google Chrome works great with Google websites and services like YouTube and Gmail. It also manages system resources differently than other browsers. Its V8 JavaScript engine was built from the ground up at Google and can improve your experience with script-intensive websites and apps. Essentially, it’s designed to make the things you do on the web faster. A few months ago, Google introduced a new feature for the Chrome browser known as “Web Feed”. At the time, the feature was only available to selected US users. Now, however, it looks like the Web Feed is available to everyone. The web feed feature is available in the latest version of Google Chrome for Android. when that feature is enabled, you will be able to subscribe to sites to receive their content. O feature add a “Follow” button in the website. Have you been mourning the end of Google Reader? Well, Google is starting to introduce an RSS reader replacement in the latest stable version of the Chrome browser for Android. the experimental feature it’s called Follow and uses the existing RSS format to display the latest articles from sites you’d like to read. When following a site, you see its articles on Chrome’s new tab page.

How to follow a website in chrome

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