How to Force Dark Mode on Websites in Edge Browser – Guide

Dark mode is becoming ubiquitous in mobile and desktop apps, and now the trend is spreading to the web as well. More and more sites are offering the option to switch to a theme that uses darker tones or explicitly support dark modes triggered by operating system settings – but that certainly doesn’t apply to all sites. To overcome this, Google recently introduced an option that allows you to force all websites to use dark mode. If you are a Microsoft Edge user, at least the latest Chromium-based browser version will be available to you. Forced dark mode is currently only available to people running the Canary version, the trial version of the browser, which is updated daily. If you don’t already have this version of the web browser, you can download it from the Microsoft Edge Insider website, but it’s worth noting that you may encounter stability issues as development is still ongoing.

How to Force dark mode on sites in the edge browser

Once you’ve completed the changes and restarted the Microsoft Edge browser, you’ll find the browser automatically applying dark mode to every webpage you’re visiting.

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