Guide: How to Free Space on C Dri­ve in Win­dows 10 PC

Most of the people install Windows 10 OS on the basic disk, usually the C disk. The problem starts when the C drive turns red and shows as full or almost full. That can lead to various problems such as computer running slow. The essential problem to address first is how to free up space on C drive in Windows 10. All your system files are stored on the C drive. They are essential for the functioning of your computer. Most users install apps and software in the same place. The operating system and these apps need space to run, install updates and a fuller C drive robs them of that ability. Hence the delay. Note: By default, the majority of people have their Windows OS installation in the C drive or partition. It can be any drive letter on your system, but the problem of full storage leading to slow and unresponsive apps can be easily solved by moving data. Let’s start.

1. Cleaning

Let’s start with some simple yet effective solutions. Did you empty the trash? Open it and make sure there are no files and folders you would like to recover.

Click Empty Recycle Bin to delete everything in it. Select all the files and folders you want to restore and click Restore selected items if necessary. You can also delete temporary files from your computer. By performing these two activities, you can reclaim a fair amount of space.

2. Clean the C drive

The Downloads folder is located on the C drive where all standard files such as pictures, videos, programs, etc. are downloaded. Together they can take up quite a lot of space. Also check other folders such as Pictures, Videos and Documents to see if there are any files you can move to other drives. Maybe there are duplicate files stored in the C drive which add to the stress? Find and delete them.

Don’t forget your desktop as the files stored there are also part of the C drive. You are looking for large files that can be deleted or moved to another location. Some of these files will be difficult to delete, but there are ways to fix that problem as well.

3. Delete apps

Open Control Panel and search for ‘uninstall’ in the search bar and select Uninstall a program.

Remove any software and apps that you no longer use or need. Right-click and select the Delete option.

You can also sort all installed apps by size to find out which one takes up the most space and whether you can remove it.

4. Increase the C drive size

You can increase the size of the system disk, which is the C drive for most users in Windows 10, by reallocating space from other drives. The process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, but I still recommend backing upup to make. That way, you can use unallocated and free space from other drives to store more files on the C drive.

5. Upgrade to larger HDD / SSD

No matter how many files you delete, apps you delete and reallocate space from other drives, you will be limited by the total space available on your HDD / SSD. How about installing a new larger hard drive on your computer. Better yet, why not use this option to upgrade to an SSD?

6. Disk Cleanup

Windows 10 comes with a tool called Disk Cleanup that helps with cleaning up system files that are no longer needed, temporary files, and files that have been moved to the recycle bin. What many users don’t know is that you can schedule Disk Cleanup to run periodically behind the scenes. Automate the whole process and now run an instance to see if it fixes the error C drive.

7. Windows Component Store (WinSxS)

The WinSxS folder is located in the C drive and contains files used, among other things, during Windows update and maintenance. These files can accumulate up over time up a lot of space. You can only shrink this folder, not delete it or move it somewhere else or to a different drive. To do this, search for and open Task Scheduler from the Windows Start menu.

Drill into the folder structure below and click StartComponentCleanup file. Tap Run. Task Scheduler Library> Microsoft> Windows> Maintenance. That is it.

Organize and conquer

Two other options will help you gain some space, but I don’t recommend it either. One disables hibernation and the other disables system recovery featureBoth are useful features, especially the recovered. Plus, they won’t make a huge difference anyway. I recommend following the steps above to reclaim lost space, and if that doesn’t work, get a bigger drive. Either way, you should now no longer see that the C drive is a complete error. If you’ve found another way to fix this error and free up more space, share it with us in the comments below. The next up: Decided to install an SSD? Click on the link below to learn how to migrate to SSD without installing Windows 10 from scratch.

How to Free Space on C Dri­ve in Win­dows 10 PC: benefits


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