How to Free Up RAM On Android – Guide

Smartphones are getting smarter with powerful specs and hardware. Capable of storing insane amounts of energy, these tiny handheld devices are used by people all over the world to play games, watch movies and browse the web. Although even mid-range smartphones nowadays up at 6GB or 8GB of RAM, multitasking can be hampered if some unwanted apps are running in the background and using the same thing. Device management and RAM cleaning apps are great options for keeping your phone free of unnecessary files and processes that slow down your device. These apps focus on increasing device performance, prolonging battery life and cleaning junk files. Here are some of the best free RAM management apps to consider. Android is evolving with each new update and there is no doubt that it has become a very mature and feature rich operating system. However, the large number of Android feature packages come with their own set of tradeoffs. Android has always been known as a not-so-resource-friendly OS, and with each new iteration, the OS needs more RAM to run smoothly.

How to Free Up RAM on Android

Check memory usage and kill apps

First of all, it is very important to know the malicious apps that are consuming the most memory on your Android device. Fortunately, Android natively allows you to check memory usage. To check the memory, go to Android Settings->Memory, where you will see the average memory usage. You can choose to check the average memory usage for the last few hours or even a day. To check the memory used by apps, tap on “Memory used by apps”, where you will see the average memory usage by Android system as well as different apps. You can touch the three dots button in the top right corner and tap “Sort by max. use“, to see the apps taking up the most amount of RAM. To see more details about an app’s RAM usage, just tap the app’s name. To kill an app that you think might be using too much RAM, press the three dots button button and press “Force stop”.

Disable apps and remove Bloatware

While killing apps is free up RAM doesn’t necessarily do this for a long time as apps tend to restart in the background. So if there are some non-installable system apps eating up your device’s RAM, you can simply disable them. Once you disable an app, they won’t run in the background unless you enable them again. Also, these apps won’t even show up in the application list. To disable a system app, go to Settings->Applications and choose the app you want to disable. On the app information page, click the “Disable” button button and tap the “Disable app” option on the prompt.

Disable animations and transitions

The different animations and transitions in Android certainly make the operating system look more modern and stylish, but it also puts a strain on the device’s RAM and CPU. The good news is that you can easily disable these animations and transitions. First you will have to unlock “Developer Options” to fiddle with the transition options. In case you don’t know, you can enable developer options by going to Settings->About phone and tapping “Build number” until you get a message saying “Congratulations! You are now a developer.” Then go to Settings->Developer Options and scroll down to find options like “Window Animation Scale”, “Transition Animation Scale” and “Animator Duration Scale”. You can simply tap on one of these options and set it to “Animation off”.

Don’t use live wallpapers or extensive widgets

There are some really cool live wallpaper apps for Android and while they look great, they use a lot of RAM which also results in higher battery consumption. So we certainly don’t recommend live wallpaper if you are experiencing performance issues. In addition to live wallpapers, extensive widgets also consume a lot of RAM. So if you’re really serious about cleaning up some RAM on your device, you should only use simple widgets like music player, calendar, etc.

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