How to Free up Storage Space in Gmail – Guide

Well, all those messages and attachments lead up space, whether they are unread, old or archived. And if you use Gmail and aren’t one of those weird people who keep clipping and deleting messages, you might be running out of storage space. Google offers users 15GB of digital storage space for free. This includes everything in Gmail, Google Drive, and all uncompressed images stored in Google Photos. That’s a lot of free space, but if you fully invest in the Google ecosystem, it fills up quickly. Once you reach your data limit, you won’t be able to add anything to Google Drive or send and receive emails. Limitations can come with little or no warning and users need to make an effort to release up Disk Space. This is to avoid finding yourself in this situation. If you do not wish to receive notifications or updates from this and other applications, you must unsubscribe from these notifications in the settings area. The second option is to delete these emails manually if you are not too lazy. However, if you do not delete emails from time to time, they will accumulate up and it will be difficult for you to delete them all at once. When your Gmail storage is almost full, Google will warn you and ask you to delete old emails to get new ones.

steps to release up Gmail storage space

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