Transferring or sharing content between two different platforms has always been a challenging task for end users, especially when they are not part of the Apple ecosystem. To give just one perfect example of this, I recently came across some interesting content while browsing the web on my PC. I was thinking of putting this content on my phone and many options came to mind. This includes sharing the link to that content via WhatsApp Web, sending it to myself, or adding it to the bookmarks tab (using Chrome Sync feature). While all seem like a viable approach, they weren’t among the most viable as they required some effort. So I decided to check out Chrome’s experimental QR code scanner feature again, and it turned out that it was finally available in the stable version. So what exactly is this feature? Well, as the name suggests, you can easily create a QR code for any website you visit in Chrome browser. Once created, just choose up your device, scan the code and you will be taken directly to this page. You can also save this QR code locally and scan it when needed.

Make QR Codes on Google Chrome Desktop

Make QR Codes in Google Chrome Mobile

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